Q & A


Helpful Q&A and Tips before your session...

What is the purpose of a boudoir session?

For everyone this is a different answer. Many clients have enjoyed stepping outside of their comfort zone and taking a risk and having a blast with it. For others it has been about empowerment and accepting themselves as they are and loving themselves. Some have done it as gifts for their significant others. Honestly, it turns out to be a gift more for themselves. It is a way to see yourself in a unique perspective whether you get entirely naked or not. We want the session to be mostly about YOU, whoever you are or want to portray!


Yes, this is part of your session planning and we will help you every step of the way to first start with planning your mood and look that you're going for. From there, we will suggest that you choose outfits that accentuate your favorite parts of your body. We love if you send us images of your chosen outfits so that we can see them prior to the session and give suggestions. 

Do you photograph everyone for boudoir or just women?

We are open to photographing everyone! Men, women and couples for boudoir sessions. We do want to be clear that these are boudoir sessions, empowering, sexy photography for everyone, however, not pornography. 

Do you require a model release? 

No we do not. We offer a discount off products for signing one so that we can share your gorgeous images and hopefully get more like-minded clients. You receive a 10% discount for signing a partial release which means you choose the images we can share and 20% off for signing a full model release, which means we can share any images we would like on our website or social media. We NEVER release names or use names or tag clients in ANY sharing such as blog posts or on our Instagram. Your identity is always kept safe. 

Can I bring a friend?

Yes! We even have a session for two where if you both do the session you get a discount on the session fee. You can also just bring a friend for help and to cheer you on!

Is Professional hair and makeup included?

Yes, most definitely. We hire professional hair and makeup artists to help create the look you are going for. It includes lashes as well! Hair and makeup will be done at our studio at the scheduled time and will take 1-1.5 hours.

How should I prepare for the session?

We will plan your mood and outfits together well before the session. Otherwise, we suggest that you get plenty of rest, drink lots of water to keep your body and skin hydrated and show up at your scheduled time with day old hair and fresh, moisturized skin (no makeup). We suggest that you do not do any look altering things to your body or face a week or less before the session such as a spray tan, facial, etc. Please make sure that is done a week or more out so that if anything goes wrong you have time to correct it. Please do get a manicure and pedicure a day or two before the session, though, so it is fresh. For men and women, we at least suggest just getting your toes and nails manicured prior to the session, though polish is not required. Make sure you also have a plan in place if you are keeping this a secret from your significant other. You may want to bring face wipes to remove the makeup.

What should I bring with me?

Obviously all of your outfits, props, accessories, heels, etc. Please make sure to bring a robe or loose clothing during the hair and makeup portion so that you don't create any lines in your skin. Also bring some lipstick to touch up your lips or if you even want to change the lip color later in the shoot. Face wipes or something to remove the makeup and lashes if you're trying to keep this a secret from your significant other. 

How revealing are the sessions?

That is entirely up to you. We will look at your outfits while you're getting your hair and makeup done and plan which backdrops we will use with each and what we will start with (typically your favorites). We offer implied nude, topless and full nude photography depending on the look you're going for.