Miss A for Alluring - Tampa Boudoir Photographers

Miss Alluring was a previous bride and wanted to come in and do a session for their one year anniversary. She wanted to build a gift album for her husband. We also got a little creative with our lace curtains and the candles we keep in our fireplace. We love the warm glow these lit on her body. 

Hair & Makeup by May Rodriguez

Doing a boudoir shoot with Regina was such an amazing experience, I’m SO glad I decided to do it. Of course I was a little bit nervous (who wouldn’t be?) but she made me feel so comfortable and made the whole experience more fun than I could’ve imagined. I felt pampered and empowered! I never thought I would feel more beautiful than I did in my wedding photos (again kudos to Regina) but when I saw the results, I was absolutely blown away. The photos really speak for themselves.
Believe me when I say that I’m not the most confident person and have a lot of imperfections and insecurities about my body. But Regina was incredible at posing me and finding angles that were super flattering. The results were literally worlds better than I ever could’ve hoped.

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