Miss N for New Mom

Miss New Mom wanted to do a session so that she could accept her body post-baby. Her first child, mind you. I don't know personally, but I am positive it takes a ton of adjusting before and after. However, she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and didn't take any time to adjust to having her photos taken! When she said she was a new mom and still breastfeeding, we thought it would be incredible to have him in the photos and do some breastfeeding shots. They turned out so gorgeous we'd love to continue doing "new mom boudoir" just like this session.

Thank you so much to Jess Waldrop for the awesome hair and makeup. She even let him sit on her lap during hair and makeup and to say he was intrigued is an understatement. 

Regina Immediately made us feel so comfortable, because she is so incredibly personable. I was interested in doing Boudior photos for my husbands birthday, but I hadn’t fully accepted my new body after having a baby. Regina helped me brainstorm some really fun and beautiful ideas for the photo shoot. She went above and beyond to make our photo shoot so special.
She even captured moments with my son and entertained him, since we included him in some very stunning nursing/breastfeeding photos.
To say that I loved how the photos turned out, feels like such an understatement, because they literally made me feel proud of my body and I now have these special moments/memories of my son and I’s bond, plus It was such a wonderful surprise for my husband.
Regina has such a innate talent and eye for capturing moments and the beauty in everyone. I’m forever grateful to her.

 If you'd like to schedule your own new mom boudoir or breastfeeding boudoir session, contact us at talknerdytome@offbeatboudoir.com.