Positive Body Image Tampa Boudoir Session

Miss B's (B is for Badass) session was very different from most boudoir sessions. This was a positive body image session... one where she wanted to see all of the natural curves of her skin and shape. She did not want me to pose her in a way that tried to hide that. Her story is so full of raw emotion and her journey has had its struggles and is certainly not over yet, but this photo session was just a stepping stone in the right direction. She wanted to see herself as others did, as a beautiful female human being with all of her unique characteristics that tell her story. She lost 100 lbs and is a bad ass who runs marathons! She is an amazing woman. She is going to tell her own story through her words and photos below. A special thanks to Dena Brooks of Lasting Luxe for doing her hair and makeup exactly as she wanted!

I have always been overweight. I have always been teased and ridiculed for being overweight. I’ve always been told by society and mean people that I’m ugly and unwanted because I’m overweight. Screw that. I’m *a* weight. I weigh a number of pounds. Does that have anything to do with anything? No. I lift weights. I run. I have countless race medals and just finished my first marathon. But I still felt less than.
I gained weight to forget, to smile, to feel loved, to cheer up, etc. I gained weight to numb myself from serious and devastating family tragedies. It made everything so much easier and so much harder.
So I lost the weight. I ate better and moved more and discovered running races and I just finally felt better about myself.
I am beautiful. I have always struggled with this, and still do, but booking a session with Regina helped me get comfortable with my body and my beauty.

Miss B's story is so inspirational and relatable to so many women and men. If you'd like to schedule a positive body image boudoir session, contact us by email at talknerdytome@offbeatboudoir.com.